The Australian Parliamentary Group on Population and Development (APGPD) is a cross-party group of Members of Parliament and Senators committed to advocating for sexual and reproductive health, the rights of women, and sustainable development.

The APGPD was formed in 1995 as an outcome of the International Conference on Population and Development to address population and development issues in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The group is connected to a global network of parliamentary groups on population and development that similarly connect parliamentarians across party lines and country borders to work in cooperation.

The APGPD aims to:

  • engage members of the Australian federal and state parliaments in supporting and promoting sexual and reproductive health in the Asia-Pacific region
  • advocate and promote evidence-based policies and legislation on sexual and reproductive health care policies, practices, and services
  • increase support for access to systems and services which enable women and men to improve their reproductive health care options

Lisa Chesters MP, Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Dr Monique Ryan MP are the current co-chairs of the APGPD, with secretariat support from Family Planning Australia and funding from UNFPA. The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Consortium also supports the APGPD.

For more information, please refer to the current APGPD brochure. You can also contact

From L-R: Ms Allegra Spender MP, Ms Zali Steggall MP, Ms Lisa Chesters MP, Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP, Dr Monique Ryan MP, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Ms Megan Elliott, Senator Larissa Waters, Ms Merewyn Foran, Ms Kelly Durrant